Hotel Revenue Management & Distribution Strategy

Revenue Management

Online marketing alone cannot supercharge your revenue. Your online success depends on your revenue management and distribution strategy.

Evision ensures that your asset is capturing the right mix of business through the right channels at the right price and at the right time. Our extensive experience in revenue management helps you focus on the total customer value. We also validate your forecasting mechanism, giving the ownership much-needed predictability of cash flow from their investments.

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hotel revenue management by Evision

Our Approach

Positioning & Pricing

This is the first step in optimizing your asset’s revenue. We complete an asset positioning analysis to determine if your hotels and services offered are positioned correctly. The analysis is done at the hotel level, and also at a your hotel product segment level. Our goal is to ensure that you are positioned and competing on things beyond just your star rating. Your spa, meetings, restaurants etc. all need to be considered when finalizing your pricing and positioning your hotel against the competition.

Market Segmentation

After the position and pricing analysis is completed. We conduct a market segment analysis to evaluate if your hotel has optimized segmentation. It needs to be in line with both the product / service profile of your asset and it’s demand. In high demand markets, we ensure that the hotel has the right percentage of low and high rated segments to help you significantly increase your profitability.

Distribution & Channel Optimization

Using our extensive knowledge of the markets and demand dynamics, Evision will determine if the system delivery of your hotel asset is correct. We will then work with the hotel brands, operators and OTAs (Online Travel Agents) to ensure optimal delivery from the all your revenue channels. We always keep in mind the short-term business needs of the asset, which sometimes may dictate accepting business from a relatively high cost channel. The goal of long-term profitability is achieved through a sustainable channel mix.

Revenue Management

Our revenue management services are conducted on a monthly basis or on quarterly review based on your needs. We also offer one time audits of your current programs. Evision’s revenue management services are provided by experienced professionals who are unmatched in the industry.