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Well-Balanced SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) has changed dramatically over the past decade. Evision’s team has kept up with its evolution and has the most up-to-date, conservative and effective search engine optimization strategies in place to help your hotel get the most out of Google. Investing in SEO with Evision is a wise choice, and one that has long-term benefits for your website and revenue stream:

  • We avoid aggressive short-term strategies that can lead to future penalties, which means we also avoid the hyperbole and inflated ROI projections you may see with other agencies.
  • Our gorgeous hotel websites, designed on the Google-compatible WordPress publishing platform, are set up to rank well from Day 1.
  • We focus on keyword research and content development, activities that will always help and never hurt your website and rankings.
Search Engine Optimization for hotels

Our SEO Philosophy

Say No to Automated Marketing Platforms

The industrial age is over. The mass production and automated production lines are giving ways to innovations and personal touch. SEO is no different. The age of using industrial strength technology and an information architecture that is custom designed by a single vendor should be behind us.  You will have to put in some personalized effort to get the best out of your website and from Google. We think your guests will really appreciate it and that is the best SEO boost you can get.

Don’t Over-Optimize

There is a fine line between over optimization and producing the right content and updated to your website. Using automated systems that are designed to service hundreds of mass-produces websites is not going to help you on Google. Several recent updates on Google have been against mass produced hyper optimized robotic sites that are churned out by big box agencies and automated marketing systems. The human element of constantly updating your site and content is one true and tested way to protect your hotel from the scourge of automation and hyper optimization.

Don’t Sweat the Pandas and Penguins

Recent Google updates names Panda and Penguin have been a boon to a lot of fear based hotel SEO sellers.  The purpose of this update was clear, reduce the value of big keywords and the spam tactics being applied to obtain them. General traffic from Google has seen a decline much before these updates even since search for hyper-personalized in 2010.  Evision’s approach to SEO has always been on serving the right content to your website visitors.  A solid content plan backed by established Google friendly content management system by WordPress is the best option for you to stop sweating the algorithm and embrace stability.

Content Is Still King

Evision search engine optimization constantly focuses on writing relevant, compelling, detailed and actionable content looks beyond the rankings trap and focuses on conversions.Writing content that is link worthy also solves the problem of getting backlinks which even today are the most powerful metric Google uses for rankings. The era of purchasing low quality backlinks for boosting SEO are over. Google is completely discounting these kinds of backlinks and in many cases giving a penalty to the recipient of these backlinks. Quality content produces quality backlinks that will not only help you rank but build your brand and help you convert more visitors into revenue.

Hotel SEO: Our Services

Our approach to search engine optimization for hotels is holistic and healthy. We make sure that your website’s structure and messaging are organized to achieve the best possible rankings from Google, and the best experience for your site’s visitors. We use off-site strategies as well, to ensure that only legitimate, relevant websites are sending you links and traffic. When you work with Evision, every service we provide – including SEO – is part of a carefully synchronized, integrated strategy.


Website Optimization

When you hire Evision to provide SEO for your hotel, we start by conducting a thorough analysis of your current website. We are looking for proper page layout and programming, to make sure the website is not hindering the search engines from accessing, crawling and indexing each page. We’ll provide a list of any programming modifications that need to be made before we proceed with keyword research and content development.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is the single most important step in SEO. It sets the tone for all other practices: optimization of page content and tags, present and future content development strategy, link-building efforts, and any online PR. We take keyword research very seriously, and share our results openly with our clients. After the initial keyword research phase is completed, we create a unique keyword strategy for each page of your site.


Content Development

Content development is the second major phase of website optimization. Our experienced and talented SEO copywriters and editors create persuasive, informative and highly optimized content that can help you achieve the rankings you need without sacrificing quality or readability. A greater volume of quality content not only signals to Google that your site is highly relevant to searchers, but also gives your guests the confidence they need to book directly on your website.

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