Hotel Rebranding

Rebrand Without Losing Revenue

Changing brands is one of the biggest decisions in the life of a hotel. We make sure that you take crucial steps to ensure that the transition goes smoothly with minimal loss of traffic and revenue in the process.

Our team of ecommerce and revenue management experts can help you in any of these scenarios:

  1. Replacing your current hotel chain brand with a new chain brand.
  2. Replacing your current hotel chain brand with an independent name.
  3. Replacing your current independent hotel with a hotel chain braind


Our Approach to Hotel Rebranding


Rebranding Doesn’t Have to Mean Revenue Loss

After years of working with a hotel brand like Hilton, Starwood, Marriott and Hyatt, the vast majority of your online assets reside with the brand-marketing machine. You need someone to help you transition these assets promptly and methodically to avoid the revenue declines often associated with rebranding. Rebranding also means that you will have to revisit your entire revenue management and distribution strategy to match the new brand name, whether you are going independent or signing up with an established chain.

When we work on a rebranding project, we integrate ourselves into your team to work as your online transition specialists. We have the clear goal of ensuring that you maintain  –and in some cases even surpass – the revenue you previously made online. Losing momentum can be a huge deterrent to a transition; we like to be involved as early as possible to prevent that from happening.

Rebranding Success Stories

Read about how our rebranding approach has not only succeeded for clients, but has far exceeded their revenue expectations.

1. Establishing Rebranding Goals 

We start by taking the time to understand your short- and long-term plan. We get answers to important questions like:

  • How has the hotel brand traditionally worked for you at a given location?
  • What you are planning to do differently by going independent or moving to a new brand?
  • What are the capital expenditure improvements  you have made in this transition. Were any ancillary revenue streams like meetings/spa/ restaurants added?

Once we know why you are rebranding, and what you hope to accomplish, we can lay out a detailed plan for getting you to the finish line without losing revenue unnecessarily.

2. Preparing for a Successful Transition

Our years of experience in these transitions ensure that we collect and organize everything you need for a successful and relatively painless transition to your new brand name.

The first step is to secure ownership and control of all your online assets, which include: domains, websites and their content, website analytics accounts and historical data, search engine marketing performance reports, email databases, social media accounts, etc. On the revenue management front, we review historic trends, forecasts and market segments, and make sure we understand the cash flow. We also review your distribution plan, to see how it may need to change.

3. Implementing Your New Brand

Once we’ve completed our research and agreed on a game plan with the client, we are ready to help you jump-start your new brand identity on the Internet. We update your information in every relevant database, and replace all references to your old name. We then provide you with a complete online optimization strategy, which includes real-life, immediate setup by our team. No one is faster at setting up aggressive new online campaigns, along with a revenue and distribution strategy to match the goals that were set. When it comes to hotel brand replacement, timely implementation is key. Our team has delivered some pretty amazing turnarounds without compromising quality. We’re extremely proud of the revenue we’ve been able to deliver, even within the first 30-60 days of rebranding.

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