Pay Per Click for Hotels

Nobody Does It Better

Pay per click (PPC) advertising has evolved into one of the most crucial elements of online marketing for a hotel. It is one of the most effective ways to get your brand prominently in front of online searchers, and one of the best sources of online revenue.

Pay per click for hotels is only as good as the people working on your campaigns, and the strategy they are using. PPC is often labeled as “wasteful” by people who don’t do it right. However, in the right hands, it can be your single most profitable investment in online marketing. Nobody does PPC better than Evision.

Evision PPC for Hotels

Evision PPC for Hotels

Evision PPC Is Second to None

Evision has outperformed every PPC campaign we have encountered in the hotel marketing world for the past 8 years. The key to our success with PPC is our experience and the personal attention we give to each campaign. Our PPC strategy is always based on your property’s specific goals.

We never use automation to run our campaigns. We don’t want to let bid management software dictate our online pay per click strategy. We know that if you truly want to excel at pay per click, you can’t trust your campaign funds to an intern using a software program.

You may be able to cut costs by hiring an agency who automates their PPC. But you’ll be missing out on much greater revenue potential, and all the other benefits you derive from analyzing, testing and seasonally updating your campaign. You just can’t automate marketing excellence.

We Give You Multi Device Domination:

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop PPC Ad Integration

Travel shopping is crossing the device divide. Today’s guest may start researching a vacation at work on a laptop, continuing browsing your site on a phone while traveling, and eventually book a room at home on an iPad. For this reason, all devices are important. PPC lets you dominate them all with device-specific, consistent and relevant messaging. Our team is always up to date on Google’s newest features, so we can help you target desktops, tablets and mobile devices – and make them all work together to your advantage.

We Integrate Revenue Management & PPC

Revenue and ecommerce managers must be an integral part of the online conversion and revenue equation. Even the best hotel PPC campaign will perform poorly if your rates are not properly managed, or if your reservation system is not set up to maximize conversions. We work directly with your revenue management and ecommerce teams to make sure we are advertising the correct rates and packages in your ad copy, planning for upcoming city/hotel events, and brainstorming on new international markets to target.

The Power of Hotel Pay Per Click

Here are some of the benefits that hotel PPC can deliver.



When it comes to brand name searches, you simply cannot afford to be in second place. PPC helps you harvest your best converting and revenue generating clicks.



Unlike SEO, this Google product lets you control everything: budgets, screens, networks, geo locations, and ad copy.



PPC lets you test your marketing ideas and messaging, and move away from faith based marketing initiatives. PPC is the fastest way to learn whether your new marketing idea is going to work, before you spend time and money on other media.


Growth and Expansion

PPC is one of the best ways to grow your revenue online, from brand name terms to location-based and travel research terms. It’s also a great way to capture and convert seasonal terms, for which SEO competition is usually higher and more costly to overcome.



You can set your online marketing budget at your comfort level, and expand or reduce your campaign anytime you wish based on seasonality, changing goals, changing markets, etc. PPC daily budgets, ad copy, and keyword lists can be changed in a matter of hours, giving you unlimited flexibility.

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