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What’s New At Evision:

• Evision’s New White Paper: “Social Media Strategy for Hotels”

Upcoming Events:

• Keynote Speaker – Arabian Travel Market – May 2

From the Learning Center:

• Learning Series: Conversion Optimization For Hotels
• Q&A: What does the latest Google search update (Panda 3.3) mean for my hotel’s SEO?
• Web Design Best Practices For Hotels: Visual Samples

What’s New At Evision

Evision’s New White Paper: “Social Media Strategy For Hotels”

What’s the problem with social media for hotels? “Social media has grown bigger and more useful than anyone ever thought for reaching consumers,” says Ronnie Soud, our Chief Marketing Officer. “But as a result of the increasing complexity of the channel, hotels struggle to hit that sweet spot of making the best use of social media. Many properties effectively give up before they even really get their social media campaigns going.

In fact, Evision has identified three major traps into which hotels often fall when trying to utilize social media. This white paper is our response to the problem. The first key is to implement a strategy that’s tailored to the hospitality industry, so that the strategy is effective at capturing users at all phases of the travel shopping process. The second key is to make the strategy actually doable, so that hotels can implement guidelines that keep social media efforts humming without wasting time, money, energy or effort.

To find out how to do it, download the white paper at http://www.evisionworldwide.com/learning/evision-social-media-strategy/.

Upcoming Events

Arabian Travel Market

Join us in Dubai, where Evision CEO Vikram Singh will be the keynote speaker, talking about “Developing Your Hotel’s Online Revenue Optimization Strategy.”


From the Evision Blog & Learning Center

Learning Series: Conversion Optimization For Hotels

Last month we started our series about why your hotel needs to use conversion optimization strategy, with direction on how to get started. This month we finished out the series with our last two posts:

Q&A: What does the new Google search update (Panda 3.3) mean for my
hotel’s SEO?

If you’ve been wondering how Google’s latest revision to its ranking algorithm will affect you, we’ve got an answer for you.

Check it out at http://www.evisionworldwide.com/learning/qa-what-does-the-new-google-search-update-panda-3-3-mean-for-my-hotels-seo/.

Web Design Best Practices For Hotels: Visual Samples

Especially in a visual medium, a picture is worth 1,000 words. In this post, we pulled some samples out of our portfolio and annotated them with commentary explaining some of the design choices. Check it out for the hotel web design eye candy at http://www.evisionworldwide.com/learning/web-design-best-practices-for-hotels-visual-samples.

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