Evision April 2012 Newsletter

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What’s New At Evision:

• Our New Client Services Manager: Chris Messeroff
• The Evision Social Media Strategy White Paper, Revisited

Upcoming Events:

• Keynote Speaker – Arabian Travel Market, Dubai – May 2
• Panel – HSMAI Revenue Management Conference, Baltimore – June 25
• Speaking – California Hotel & Lodging Association Annual NorCal Conference – July 31
• Speaking – California Hotel & Lodging Association Annual SoCal Conference – August 2

From the Learning Center:

• How Online Reviews Make Revenue for Hotels
• Use Online Reviews to Improve Your Hotel’s Marketing
• WordPress Plugins for Hotels: Part 1
• WordPress Plugins for Hotels: Part 2
• April 2012 Industry News

What’s New At Evision

Our New Client Services Manager: Chris Messeroff

Photo of Evision Client Services Manager Chris MesseroffIf this smiling face looks familiar, it’s because we introduced you to Chris back in January’s Newsletter. We’re excited to be talking about him again so soon: thanks to the fantastic job Chris has been doing with and for our clients, he’s been promoted to the position of Client Services Manager. That means Chris is the primary point of contact for most of our clients; it also means our clients now have someone dedicated to making sure everything gets done, on time, in the way they want.

We’re especially happy to see Chris in this role, because Evision has always stood out from our competitors by placing the people who do the actual work in client-facing positions, instead of forcing our clients to go through layers of intermediaries before they get to the people who actually know anything about online marketing. Chris has performed admirably as a talented search analyst, and he will continue to work on client accounts even as he oversees and maintains them. Therefore, clients will get the best of both worlds: a single point-of-contact that will make communication simpler and easier, plus a contact who knows what’s what when it comes to online marketing and, even better, who knows exactly what’s going on with individual client accounts.

Congratulations, Chris!

The Evision Social Media Strategy White Paper, Revisited

We introduced our Social Media Strategy White Paper last month, and since then it has been highlighted across the Internet, from hotel-online.com and hotelmarketing.com all the way to Spanish-language site hosteltur.com. If you haven’t checked it out yet, we invite you to do so. Download the white paper at http://www.evisionworldwide.com/learning/evision-social-media-strategy/ – free, no registration required.

Upcoming Events

Arabian Travel Market

Join us in Dubai, where Evision CEO Vikram Singh will be the keynote speaker, talking about “Developing Your Hotel’s Online Revenue Optimization Strategy.”

HSMAI Revenue Management Conference

Come see Vikram speaking on a panel about Online Revenue Optimization.

California Hotel and Lodging Association Annual NorCal Conference (July) & SoCal Conference (August)

Come see Vikram speak at two California Hotel & Lodging Association Events this summer.

  • South San Francisco Conference Center, July 31
  • Anaheim Marriott, August 2

From the Evision Blog and Learning Center

Learning Series: How Hotels Can Use Online Reviews

In this two-part series, we examine how online reviews make revenue for hotels, and how hotels can use reviews to improve their marketing.

Learning Series: WordPress Plugins for Hotels

In this two-part series, we take a look at the WordPress plugins that can help WordPress-based hotel websites convert better and dramatically enhance usability.

April 2012 Industry News

In case you missed the post on our site, we present you with some of the most interesting developments in the industry from the past month:

  • Is TripAdvisor site Tingo a wake-up call for bad revenue management in hotels?
  • The 2012 HotelChatter.com Hotel WiFi report is out.
  • If you have a smart phone, anyone can now track your every move.
  • Writing fake online reviews? New Google algorithm will catch you out.

Read more at http://www.evisionworldwide.com/news/industry-news-april-2012/

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