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Online Marketing Optimization, Revenue Management, and Distribution Strategy

Evision is a global and mighty consulting powerhouse. We have worked with some of the top real estate investment trusts and investors worldwide, on asset deals worth well over $1 billion. Our comprehensive strategies have helped clients achieve tremendous success with their new acquisitions, existing assets, and hotel rebranding efforts. We have also worked with big name brands on projects involving opening new hotels in international markets, and building their online brand.

Evision brings a breath of fresh air to the big box agency–dominated business of online marketing. We focus on the big revenue picture, helping you integrate your online marketing with your revenue management and distribution strategy. Our project-based pricing ensures that you get from us exactly what you need. There are no endless contracts, just good strategy and implementation. Once you feel you are ready, you move on. We are happy to fill the online revenue and distribution role, or set a strategy and/or perform setups and then hand over implementation to your in-house team.

Our Specialties

Online Revenue Optimization

Online revenue optimization is the art of optimizing your revenue from all sources to achieve the best possible outcome. There is never a bad time to ensure that your hotel is a fine-tuned money-making machine that is delivering the right value to guests.

Hotel Brand Replacement Strategy

Rebranding doesn’t have to mean revenue loss. Evision will transition all of your hotel’s online assets and help you implement a highly profitable transition strategy. We ensure that you maintain – and sometimes even surpass – the revenue you were historically making online.

Online Marketing Campaign Audit

We specialize in auditing online marketing campaigns. We have helped many hotels and hotel groups discover issues that were hiding in plain sight, leading to loss of revenue and wasted marketing dollars. Use Evision’s audit to supercharge your marketing dollars.

Pre-Purchase Online Marketing & Distribution Audit

Our online pre-purchase audit helps you understand your online revenue potential before you buy, and make proper revenue projections once the sale is closed. An audit of the hotel’s current pricing and distribution strategy, in conjunction with an online market review, gives you the ability to make the most of your new investment.

Revenue Management & Distribution Strategy

Even the best online marketing campaigns can’t succeed without a complementary revenue management and distribution strategy. Our team of seasoned experts helps you address rate parity, channel and OTA management, pricing strategies, packages and promotions, and other ad-hoc requests.

Are you a good fit for Evision?

We work best with clients who are not satisfied with their current ecommerce performance and are looking to explore new and innovative strategies to increase revenue. We look at the whole picture: traffic generation, visitor engagement, conversion metrics, and revenue management, channel and distribution strategy. We’re not a good match for a client that wants to pay a vendor and forget about it for the next 12 months. But if you’re ready to take a hard look at what you’ve been doing, and make some changes for the better, then we’re the right people to call.

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